Consolidation of data and information mining are key issues in goal settings of efficient IT environments.


SALICO Daley performs the pooling of data, but also the analysis and evaluation, according to arbitrary criteria




Can be used as middleware in almost every

IT –landscape

Standardized two-way data communication

on its own converter

Extensive analysis and evaluation functions

according to individual specifications

Results Presentation for automatic or manual processing

The latest software technology in the architecture

of an divided system for outstanding performance

Can be used under Windows (from XP) with

almost any SQL-compliant database

High availability, individually controllable core processes

Different integration levels in existing








Specific tasks in complex organizations is often the consoli-dation of databases, e.g. from different ERP systems, and subsequently the evaluation and analysis according to specific criteria.

SALICO Dayle is highly efficient tool:

Equipped with its own converter function
SALICO Dayle is able to check and return data from almost all IT systems in almost any format which is given to process.

It not only matches, but mainly detect similarities.

This  for example is used to identify writing or recording errors, various spellings of various linguistics or incomplete or false information submitted.

By comparison of accounts and cash-residue, differences can be determined and unneccassary payments can be stopped, master data (e.g. customers, vendors, material) can be cleared and reassigned or passive data sets can be reactivated.

Developed and designed with the latest Microsoft technology
SALICO Dayle offers the highest availability and performance.







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