Historicizing of databases or the creation of dynamic data banks with information from multiple source systems are key requirements of modern IT organization.


Audit security, and information mining are the key words for the use of efficient tools

SALICO Histana



Build dynamic databases according to individual specifications

Tracking and historicizing of changes and enhancements in individual databases

In-system mapping of organizational units and authorization structures

Maximum performance and availability by latest Microsoft technologies

Individual scaling of algorithms and scoring functions

Presentation of results in an easy-to-use interfaces

Can be used under Windows (from XP on) and with nearly any SQL-compliant database





As part of the digital scheme for tax auditoring in accordance with the European tax law requirements , since 2002, the data of financial book-keeping or other tax-relevant systems, still has to be presented in their original state, even after years in case of tax audits.

This often causes an effect of the lack of historicizing that occurs in many organizational structures:

Master and transaction data in the implemented ERP systems can not be historicized as a standard, which results in the loss of data resources by simply overwriting any changes or by deletions.

This in turn has the consequence that evidence can not be extracted from the systems in their original state, because the associated data is no longer present.

During the EU tax legal storage periods (6 to 10 years) the layout and content of forms used change and the original layouts are no longer available for current extraction.

These facts are providing a clear lack of conformity of laws and the bookkeeping could be rejected.

SALICO Histana offers an effective way of structured historicizing of all master data areas and the business process-generated documents in the original layout.

In addition,
SALICO Histana provides the possibility of consolidating all to a business belonging transaction documents and evidences, which can then be generated in a sheet and read out comfortably.

Bypass the weaknesses of electronic archiving systems and protect yourself by using effective tools against data loss and your company audit-ability.


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