Most things we learn, we learn from our customers.“
                        Charles Lazarus (*1923), Businessman, Founder Toys'R'Us


SALICO is first of all the most efficient response to the requirements, which we were able to work out with our customers.

Your requirements are our measure!

Our consultants have excellent knowledge and have managed and implemented successful projects in nearly all industries and branches. Sense of proportion and  a sense of what is possible is the credo of our work for you. Compliance– and Risk-management is our strength! Talk to us at any time without obligation,

                                             we are there for you ..


                                       We want to know how you feel!

Satisfied customers and working solutions are indispensable components of our corporate culture. We guarantee the highest performance and availability and investment protection by using the latest technology for you!

All our customers are ever present through their maintenance and service contracts and we would like to convince you of our high quality and our reliability! Please contact us without obligation,

                                             we are there for you ..


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