Basics embargoes control


Legal basis of the duty of care to examine all business contacts and financial transactions of an organization against the international embargoes lists, are the EU Regulations 2580/2001 - 881/2002 Herein are found the prohibitions of contact with persons and organizations with close ties to terrorism.

The sanctioning of violations is regulated, acc. Art.9 of the EU Regulation 2580/2001, from each of the member countries itself. In Germany, the punishments were therefore established, in 2005, in the amendment to the Foreign Trade Law. For more information, please refer to
the notice  of the BAFA (German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control).

We derive to you on
request the opinion of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs on the issue of this duty for public administrations and organisations of public law


Note: The acquisition of the status of an „Authotized economic operator“ (aviable since 2008) belongs beside other prerequisites a functionally embargoes control.


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Links to regulations of the German Tax Code (AO conjunction GDPdU, GoBS) for digital access during  tax audits


Data access for tax authorithies


Defined by the changes in the german tax code (AO) from 01.01.2002 the finacial authorities become access rights (german) to the data processing systems of companies during tax audits. The 10-year retention requirement applies to bookkeeping and records, inventory, financial statements, management reports, the opening and operating procedures necessary for their understanding and other organizational documentation and also for all bills and receipts.

For the other documents (trade or business letters, reproductions of the trade or business letters) is the 6-year retention duty. Which documents are to retaint is regulated in
§ 147, paragraph 1 AO, custody time limits in § 147, para 3 AO

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