Textfeld: SALICO is a data analysis and -management tool, which offers through its own development of algorithms and conversion features, a highly efficient solution for
all areas of data management.

SALICO  is a multi-client middleware system. In all the product variations you find a safe investment structure, with the latest Microsoft technology developed system architecture.

The mapping of your organizational structure with an authorization management,  sophisticated and largely scalable analysis functions and a user-friendly interface makes this product an indispensable addition to your IT management.

Experienced project management, short implementation times and professional service characterize the practice.

Make your organization fit for the requirements of the complianceľ and risk- management and get the flexibility of ONE system for many requirements ....

Back up your company or organization from prosecution by controlling your business contacts and financial transactions against the international embargoes lists

Consolidate your data files from multiple IT systems and increase your efficiency through customized data analysis and processing of results

Build dynamic databases, historizing of business processes, documents and master- and transaction-data for electronic evidence in accordance with national and European Tax Codes

SALICO Product variants

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