SALICO Embargoes

Protect your organization and management from prosecution by a permanent and purposeful control of all financial transactions and business relationships against the international embargo lists




Automated and process-control of accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking and personal master data

Permanent monitoring of all transaction data

Option for a manual single request

Integrated decision-making processes to suspicion fund and clear results

Native hierarchical structures to control

decisions under the "more eyes principle"

Integrated resubmission processes resulting

in changes of the embargoes list information about decisions already taken in the past

Ability to record individual persons and/or organizations that should be excluded from business contacts

Logging and reporting of decision processes

as a full audit document (also avaible with electronic signature)

Integrated use of the consolidated embargoes

list from the Bundesanzeiger (publisher)









The prohibition to entertain business contacts from the environment of terrorism or other unwanted circles, is a law (EU regulations) from the year 2001/2002, which all

Banks and the
public sector and organisations of public-law

bans Business such as financial transactions, services, and business contacts of any kind, national and international, with organizations, companies and individuals associated in connection with terrorism.

Embargoes this new defined term
is not synonymous with the process laid out on supplies of goods in foreign trade control!

This newly defined due diligence, as part of international security policy, is to ensure each organisation of an examination of partners, financial transactions and business events against several embargo lists of the EU, the UN and the U.S. government. 


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